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Enter the world of West Indies artist Dona Bryhiel, and discover everything about her art.
On this website, you will find her Caribbean paintings and Provence paintings, as well as ceramics of Provence. You will also discover the world , life and experiences of Dona Bryhiel.

Dona Bryhiel, one of the most established artist and painter of the Antilles Islands has spent a lifetime expressing the magic and beauty of Provence and the Caribbean. Whilst an adult, she has always tried to preserve the innocence and vision of a child in her work.

The art gallery
Welcome to the Saint Martin art gallery of Dona Bryhiel. Located in the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, in the marina of Oyster pond, on the east coast of the island, it showcases the two different areas she has chosen to represent in her work, the Caribbean and Provence. In the art gallery, you will find paintings (oil paintings, acrylics) as well as ceramics.

The paintings.
Although a complete artist, Dona Bryhiel's primary form of expression is painting. Be it oil or acrylic, painting is her preferred method of expressing her feelings and ideas, as well as exploring the environment surrounding her, be it in the south of France or in the West Indies.

Caribbean themes
Here, you can discover the Caribbean paintings of Dona Bryhiel.
Having been living in the Antilles for a long time now, Dona Bryhiel has had the time to discover, learn and make the Caribbean culture her own. She is now an accomplished Caribbean artist. You can see it in the way she expresses it in her Antilles paintings ; the nature, the colours, the people, it's all there, through the prism of her personal style, history, and favoured themes.

Provence themes
Here, you can discover Dona Bryhiel's art of Provence.
Originating from Provence and going back for 3 months every year to find inspiration, Dona Bryhiel is still very much attached to this region. Its traditions, its history are a very important inspiration for Dona's paintings and ceramics. Petrarque works in particular and its themes centred around woman characters play a very important role in Dona Bryhiel's works.

Here are showcased all the reproductions of Dona Bryhiel's paintings. A large choice of paintings is available, from two styles, Provence style and St martin style, and from several different series in these styles. Reproductions are available in 3 sizes (small:8.3"x11.7",medium: 11.7"x16.5",large: 16.5"x23.4"). They can be purchased online by secured payment, or on site at the Saint Marin art gallery.

If you are looking for genuine, unique West Indies paintings, look no further!
Originals are paintings that are only painted once, not to be reproduced. They are all unique works, and of course available for purchase upon contacting Dona Bryhiel.

The ceramics
Provence has been renowned as a ceramic production region for a very long time, and ceramics are a very traditional item of its culture. Dona Bryhiel 's ceramics of Provence are the fruit of collaboration between Dona Bryhiel and enamel Provence artist Martine Azema form the town of Vallauris. The ceramics collection features Dona Bryhiel's « Provence », « Laura and Pétrarque», and « Secret Garden of Saint Martin ».
The photo gallery will give you an interesting insight of the making of these ceramics, from the designing to the firing.

Have a look at the Press Book page and learn all about the activities and involvements of Saint Martin artist Dona Bryhiel. From exhibitions of Caribbean art, or Provence paintings, to workshops in schools and designing of various magazine covers.

Two options of delivery are available. Free delivery will usually get your order delivered in 10 to 15 days, using regular post office service. Quick delivery will see your order delivered in 2-3 days by DHL or Fedex at the cost of $30.00.

The Discover page will guide you through the life and experiences of Dona Bryhiel. Her childhood, her art, and her very special connection to painting. Each painting is connected to her and her environment; a colour, a piece of music, an emotion that will trigger the gestation and birth of a painting. In this way, influenced by her surroundings, she is very much a Caribbean artist.

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